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Markus started working with Linux in 1994, founded his own company at the Millenium and has been writing, teaching, consulting and hosting ever since.

After eight years as deputy editor-in- chief at German Linux-Magazine and several books published, he joined SUSE in 2015 as  manager for the German Linux vendor’s documentation team. Markus actively supports Linux4Afrika!

OPEN! 2015 – Hosting the Panel “Open Source”

In 2015 Markus was permitted to moderate the panel “Open Source” at the OSBA and MFG’s Open! 2015. I was happy to welcome Malte Spitz and other prominent experts. Well, here’s my report (sorry, German only!). Interesting fact: We were among the first to demand “Public money, public code!”, and I love Malte Spitz’s quotes: “There’s no provable security without open source.” “Data protection is like the environmental protection of the future.”

OPEN! 2015 – Bericht aus den Panels – YouTube

Visiting the LPI board of directors


Getting up Saturday morning at 5 o’clock isn’t funny, but sometimes it’s worth it.
Today I traveled 400 miles across the country to meet with the board of the Linux Professional Institute, Central Europe Master Affiliate. Those four guys have been running the board throughout the last years… (from left to right) Dimitrios Bogiatzoules, Chairman Klaus Behrla, Oliver Michel and second chairman Reiner Brandt.