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Markus Feilner  (English CV (from 2018), here is the up-to-date 2020 German language version)  is an IT and management specialist from Regensburg, Germany.  His Open Source and Linux roots date back to 1994, and since 1999 he has been running his own Open-Source-business as a consultant, trainer, author, presenter and host.  Today, Markus is working as managing/senior editor at Heise iX, Hannover.

From 2007 to 2015 he worked as deputy-editor-in-chief of the Linux-Magazine Germany, followed by five years as manager of  a global team of documentation experts at SUSE, Europe’s largest Linux distributor and creator of Enterprise Linux. Here’s a blogpost describing how he ended up at SUSE after three decades of professional work in Open Source IT.

He loves traveling the world, hiking for days, cycling for hours  and giving keynotes, workshops, presentations and speeches at conferences in Europe and the USA. Markus is a regular at renowned training institutes like Linuxhotel and is frequently contacted as an expert by colleagues from printed press, radio, TV or online media.

You can book him for consulting, keynotes and presentations, request in-depth analysis and whitepapers or have him host and moderate panels and discussions for technical and political audiences.

Markus Feilner The conch diplomat on stage.
Wöhrdstraße 10
93059 Regensburg

Telefon: +49 170 302 70 92

Twitter: @mfeilner
IM/Riot: mfeilner anywhere
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Check out this short interview with Markus at SUSECON 2015, Amsterdam (thanks to Ross and the awesome SUSE video team!)

(Update: As of early 2018, my team at SUSE consists of 11 truly amazing writers, strategists and managers.)

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