Hedy Lamarr’s grave in Vienna

Now that is a tombstone that suits the person. Beautiful, as she was. Both in appearance and genius. For those of you that don’t know her: She invented frequency hopping – without which lots of the things we do today with mobile networks and roaming wouldn’t be possible. And she performed the first femal orgasm on film. Not in porn, in a decent movie. Thanks, Bösi, for this beautiful memory. 

America, America, how deep have you fallen, Gaucho?

 Donald Trump und die USA: Amerika, wie tief bist Du gesunken – Kommentar – SPIEGEL ONLINE … :

Amerika war nie perfekt. Ganz sicher nicht. Aber trotz aller Probleme blieb es immer ein Vorbild für Demokratie, Pluralismus, Weltoffenheit. Gerade die Präsidenten bemühten sich, für diese Ideale einzustehen, die das Land groß und stark gemacht haben. Sie versuchten, eine Welt zu verkörpern, in der Menschen miteinander, nicht gegeneinander arbeiten. Damit ist es vorbei.

Da fällt mir immer dieser fantastische Song von der Dave Matthews Band ein… 

Dave Matthews Band – Gaucho

“We cross the oceans wide
Built cities to the sky, oh lord
Looked up and we were flying
But we will not survive ourselves?

We’ve got to do much more than believe
If we really want to change things
We’ve got to do much more than believe
If we want to see the world change

What will I say to my baby?
Let me show you a movie
You know, we landed a man on the moon
Now you could never believe it
Yeah, we could do anything
We flew to the stars and back
Down to the ground hard

We’ve got to do much more than believe
If we really want to change things
We’ve got to do much more than believe
If we want to see the world change”

(Dave Matthews Band – Gaucho Lyrics | Genius Lyrics … : )

Highlights from Facebook’s Libra Senate hearing | TechCrunch


Perhaps the most worrying moment of the hearing was when Senator Sinema brought up TechCrunch’s article citing that “The real risk of Libra is crooked developers.” There I wrote that Facebook’s VP of product Kevin Weil told me that “There are no plans for the Libra Association to take a role in actively vetting [developers],” which I believe leaves the door open to a crypto Cambridge Analytica situation where shady developers steal users money, not just their data.


COI v 0.10 published.

COI 0.10. comes with a bunch of interesting features. Seems like they are catching up with Deltachat. 

 Release Technical preview 0.10.0 – Android · open-xchange/ox-coi · GitHub … :

New Features:
* Added QR code scanning to the “Add contact” flow
* Added a setting to hide invites from the chat list (for anti mobbing / spam). Invites can then be found in the settings
* Added flagging of messages to provide a way to easily find important messages again

Let’s make Co2 the new unified world’s currency

I just had another weird, unreflected idea: How about making Co2 the new currency. It would need to be reverse, and different from all other currencies. And it needs a lot more proper thought, I am totally aware of it. Maybe it doesn’t work, but think about it. 


Let’s say, 1 Carb equals 1 t of Co2 that you’ve successfully taken out of the vicious circle. I wonder if something like that would really work. And no, it should not work like the stupid certificates. 

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