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I am Markus Feilner  (English CV) a senior open source journalist and management coach from Regensburg, Germany.  I started with Open Source and Linux back in 1994, and founded my little company Feilner IT in the year 2000. Since then, I have been running this Open Source business as a consultant, trainer, author, presenter, consultant, coach and host.  But I’ve also always appreciated deeper relationships with employers: Since 2007, I have been continuously employed, mostly part-time, mostly remote at leading tech companies. Yes, I am enjoying the pleasure of choosing my employers wisely, and so I did.

I went to Linux Magazine at the height of the Open Source and Linux bubble, joined SUSE because of their amazing Build service. When Big Data was the new hot thing, I went to Heise to get an understanding on the impact of Data Mining on modern journalism, I started at because they needed a new knowledge base, and I am at ownCloud because Infinite Scale is one of the most fascinating open source projects out there. Let’s see where I go next :-). You can find a full history and references in the news/history section of Feilner IT, but bring some time.

I love traveling the world, hiking for days, working on the road, cycling for hours and sitting in trains while preparing keynotes, workshops, presentations and speeches at conferences for venues all over Europe and the USA. I’ve done trainings at renowned training institutes like Linuxhotel and have been contacted pretty often as an expert by colleagues from printed press, radio, TV or online media. Thanks to all of them who made this possible!

Having said that, you can book me for consulting, keynotes and presentations, request in-depth analysis and whitepapers or have him host and moderate panels and discussions for technical and political audiences. Or we get together because you appreciate my advice in strategical questions, be it open source, PR for open source, Cybersecurity, knowledge or documentation management. Here’s my offer (price list in German).

Here’s where you can find me, if I am not on the road. Scroll down for contact data.

The conch diplomat on stage.

Markus Feilner
Wöhrdstraße 10
93059 Regensburg

Telefon: +49 170 302 70 92

Instant messaging: mfeilner anywhere
(e.g., )
(Please mind that I left all services run by and for Nazis like Facebook, Twitter(X), Instagram and more) and I turned off notifications on all social media services. It feels so much healthier. But I will answer!

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Check out this short interview with Markus at SUSECON 2015, Amsterdam (thanks to Ross and the awesome SUSE video team!)

(Update: As of early 2018, my team at SUSE consists of 11 truly amazing writers, strategists and managers.)