Markus Feilner’s OpenVPN Trainings at Linuxhotel

Update 2019: After many years of wonderful trainings, I won’t be available at Linux Hotel anymore. Sad, but understandable. My new employer, Heise, is offering trainings and conferences, too, and thus we may see each other there one day… Here’s the old text. Thank you Ingo, Martin, and all the others at this great Essen venue!

Since 2010 Markus Feilner has been sharing his Open VPN know-how in the wonderful location of the Linuxhotel in Villa Vogelsang in Essen, Germany. The wonderful hotel and training center are situated in a green and fresh park on a cliff above the Ruhr river. Its exclusive amenities range from sauna and spa to excellent food and extraordinary ideas for the evenings. (Watch the video beneath this post!)

Usually, Markus’ Open VPN training lasts for three days and covers basics, administration and advanced features of Open VPN in hands-on sessions. Whereas the first day is full of basic concepts and theory, day 2 and 3 will give participants hours of guided work with setup and exploring the abundance of Open VPN servers and clients, including deep dives into individually agreed on features.

Contact us or the Linux Hotel directly for requests about the class specified here: Giving trainings at Linxhotel has always been a great pleasure, also because there are a lot of interesting and highly skilled parallel classes going on at the venue, the participants and trainers of which you will meet at lunch, breakfast, dinner, in the park or at the evening events. Linuxhotel is my favorite venue for any kind of training.