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  • Author of training material for the publishing house Herdt (, such as:
    • LAN Networks, Managing Linux Desktops with KDE (up to version 3.2), SuSE Linux
    • System administration (up to version Open SuSE 10.0) SuSE Linux
    • Network administration (up to Open SuSE 10.0), Linux scurity and -firewalls, heterogenous netzworks with Samba, Mailserver withSendmail and Postfix.
  • Books in English at Packt Publishing (Publisher located in Birmingham/Mumbai):
    • May 2006: „OpenVPN: Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks“ (
    • April 2008: „Scalix: Linux Administrator’s Guide“ (
    • Dezember 2009: „Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9“ (
  • Articles in English for Joinup, the ISA-Portal of the European Commission for IT-interoperability in public institutions):
    • December 2013: „LiMux – the IT evolution – An open source success story like never before“ – The long and difficult story of Linux-Migration in Munich.
    • May 2014: „Complex singularity versus openness“: What’s the right free data format? A fight over OOXML vs. ODF. Lobbyism against openess snd ISO-standards
  • Editorial work, e.g. for Open Source Press:
    • March 2013: „Linux Essentials“, preparation for testing at Linux Professional Instituts (by Christian Heese and Michael Gisbers) (
  • Publications in various newspapers:
    • LanLine Spezial Security (V/2005, „OpenVPN als IPsec-Alternative“)
    • Wirtschaft konkret – IHK-Magazin Regensburg (December 2005, Interview with Markus Feilner: „Open Source im Kommen – nachgefragt“ – “Open Source – the future?” )
    • T3M-Magazin (03/2006, „NoMachine – sanfte Migration und mehr“ – “soft migration and more”)
    • Raum und Zeit – die neue Dimension der Wissenschaft (September/Oktober 2007,„Genmaisstudie: Institutsleitung verfälscht Ergebnisse “ – “Space and Time – the new dimension of science”)
    • Schriftenreihe des Bayreuther Arbeitskreis für Informationstechnologie Recht und neue Medien (Band 18, 2009, „IT-Compliance – IT und öffentliche Sicherheit – Open Source“ – “IT-Compliance – IT and public security – open source”)
  • Audio-Interviews:
    • Security leaks within ADAC-membership cards:
      • NDR 2:, (28.3.2008, (NDR 2 Cockpit)
      • RPR1:, (28.3.2008, 18:10)
      • The topic: as well,1518,543729,00.html
      • Question time concerning Open VPN at Voice-over-IP-User-Conference (Internetradio, in English):
  • Talks and presentations on Open-Source-Software and cyber politics at diverse summits (Konradin Events, Linux New Media, Cebit Open Source, Cebit-Fora as well as on Linux Day)