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Presentations, Keynotes, Workshops, Trainings, Hosting Panels, Moderation, Mediation – in IT, Security, Open Source and more… This is where you will soon find Markus’ offers and references.

In the meantime, maybe you want to check out the blog roll … or find some selected moderation and talks here:

  • 2007-now: I’m soing presentations on a regular basis at Cebit Open Source Forum, Open Source Park, Linux New Media Awards
  • 2012:
    • Workshop „PR for open source projects“ at the KDE-Developer- und Community-Conference „Akademy
      2012“ in Tallinn, Estone, together with Jake Edge (LWN) and Deb Nicholson (OIN):
    • Auge e.V., Journalistenstammtisch (round table for journalists), presentation „The future of Linux“, Munich.
    • Keynote at Zarafa Summercamp: „New game for tomorrow’s enterprise desktop“
    • Panel on net-politics at the Linux-Day 2012 (Berlin) also participating, e.g. Dr. Peter Tauber (CDU), Lars
      Klingbeil (SPD), Konstantin von Notz (B90/GRÜNE) and Jimmy Schulz (FDP):
  • 2013
    • Moderation of a panel discussion on „Chances and Shallenges of Cloud Computing“ at Univention Summit:
    • Twittwoch, „Debate Club: Data Security“, with MP Jerzy Montag and others.
    • Panel discussion on the NSA-scandal and data protection with Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragten Peter Schaar, Gerhard Schmid (Ex-VP des EP, Echelon-Berichterstatter) and others:
  • 2014
    • Open IT-Summit at Hamburg with talks, keynotes und panels, with Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP), Renate Künast (B90/GRÜNE) and others: