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Presentations, Keynotes, Workshops, Trainings, Hosting Panels, Moderation, Mediation – in IT, Security, Open Source and more… This is where you will soon find Markus’ offers and references.

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  • „In the Land of gnus“ – Visit of the development aid project in Tansania:
  • 2007 and 2008: Various articles in the „Linux Technical Review“, for example:
    • Selection-Strategies for Groupware within companies (04/07)
    • Overview: Free Anti-Spam-Software (07/08)
    • IPsec and Open VPN – a comparison (10/08)
  • „Fingerspitzengefühl“ (It’s all in the finger tips) – Getting to know a blind programmer:
  • „Fenster-Kit“ – A forensical investigation within Microsoft’s operating systems:
  • „Open VPN gegen Zensur“ – Open Source Software undermines China’s censorship tool “Great Firewall” :
  • 2009 to 2011: Various articles on Virtualization and Cloud Computing:
  • „Der Paulus von Freiburg“ – A former hacker as trainer:
  • „Genau verortet“ – GPS-Basics:
  • Leading Story „Die Akte Torvalds“ – Foto-Reportage about Finland. Visting and interviewing Linus Torvalds’ parents Nils and Anna and former colleague Ari Lemmke:
  • Leading story „In Zockerhänden“ – Investigative Research on Linux:
  • „Rolle rückwärts“ – The Department of Foreign Affairs is switching – to Windows
  • „Patenter Deal“ – Attachmate takes over Suse
  • „Ein idealer Sündenbock“ – When Linux gets blamed for failure of others:
  • „Ängste im Spiel“ – Interview with Mark Shuttleworth:
  • „Affentheater“ – Interview with founder of Gnome and Mono-Boss Miguel de Icaza
  • „Staatsgefährdend, technisch unwirksam, verfassungsfeindlich und nicht durchsetzbar“ – Data preservation:„staatsgefahrdend-technisch-unwirksam-verfassungsfeindlich-und-nicht-durchsetzbar“
  • „Runde Sache“ – Panoramic photography with Open-Source-Tools:
  • „Freies Lernen“ – Open-Source-politics during the 2013 elections:
  • „Griechische Leckereien“ – The Open Suse Conference at Thessaloniki:
  • „Mal umschalten“ – KDE Connect brings Android and Linux-Desktop together:
  • „Freies Miteinander“ – Kolab is winner of Groupware-Competition in München:
  • „Lederhosen am Rhein“ – Get together of Linux celebs at Linuxcon Europe in Düsseldorf:
  • „Leuchtturm im Sturm“ – Insider reveals interesting facts about Munichs new top management: