So sad women still have a hard time traveling alone – but read this great article.

 Why it’s still difficult for women to travel world … :

A recent New York Times story documents a rise in the number of solo women travelers, and chronicles incidents in which these women have been murdered, injured, or sexually assaulted. Such fearmongering is dispiritingly common, in the press as well as colloquially. The woman who went out walking after midnight and ended up in a ditch has become a mythology passed down from mother to daughter. Men, who also fall victim to attack, are assumed to learn courage and street-smarts from these negative experiences, while a woman will be forever damaged or traumatized—or worse.

Another link worth reading, also from the article above: 

Excerpt: How Amelia Earhart navigated the skies and society … : 

The traditional difficult woman is generally outspoken, opinionated, and headstrong. She likes to shoot her mouth off, and has little interest in avoiding conflict; indeed, she finds it stimulating. Apple carts? She lives to upset them. For those of us who wish to be difficult but are introverted and see no reason we shouldn’t keep our opinions to ourselves, Amelia Earhart is our girl. Gracious and somewhat shy on the outside, she was willful and independent on the inside: polite, yet freewheeling, a person who answered to no one. She took the position that adventure is a worthwhile pursuit in and of itself—a radical stance for a woman.