Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain!

 5 Blockchain Breakthroughs Coming in the Next 5 Years … :

In the next five years, Pulier predicts five blockchain trends, each poised to disrupt major players and birth entirely new business models by 2024. Let’s dive in.:

  1. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  2. Security tokens
  3. Tokenized assets
  4. Self-sovereign identity
  5. Free speech

And at the broader societal level, blockchains will catalyze a sweeping shift away from hierarchical structures towards democratized networks at larger scales than ever before experienced by humankind. A next-generation tool capable of maintaining trust in large populations, blockchain will define a brand new order.”

I love to read articles void of busswords. 🙂 And I am tense what will come true.