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Perfect Weapon

‘There’s a whole war going on’: the film tracing a decade of cyber-attacks | Documentary films | The Guardian

In under an hour and a half, The Perfect Weapon blisters through the proliferation of cyberwarfare in the last decade-plus: how offensive ransomware and disinformation campaigns have morphed from a undercover sideshow – as late as 2007, cyberwarfare was not even listed as a pressing concern on the US military’s threat assessment – into a relatively cheap, accessible and potentially devastating staple of international relations.

open sourced TransCoder

Deep learning to translate between programming languages

We’ve developed and open sourced TransCoder , an entirely self-supervised neural transcompiler system that can make code migration far easier and more efficient. Our method is the first AI system able to translate code from one programming language to another without requiring parallel data for training. We’ve demonstrated that TransCoder can successfully translate functions between C++, Java, and Python 3. TransCoder outperforms open source and commercial rule-based translation programs. In our evaluations, the model correctly translates more than 90 percent of Java functions to C++, 74.8 percent of C++ functions to Java, and 68.7 percent of functions from Java to Python. In comparison, a commercially available tool translates only 61.0 percent of functions correctly from C++ to Java, and an open source translator is accurate for only 38.3 percent of Java functions translated into C++.

Danone – Volvic – Mineralwasser: Selbstverpflichtungen haben noch nie geholfen


“Im französischen Volvic fördert der Danone-Konzern riesige Mengen Mineralwasser und bringt die Bevölkerung gegen sich auf. Dort versiegt nun ein Fluss – und der Konzern hat ein warnendes Gutachten zurückgehalten.”


“Hier abgepumpte Wassermengen sollten dem Grundwasser später wieder zugeführt werden, ist in den Genehmigungsunterlagen zu lesen. Der Konzern solle das “Gesamt-Resultat” dieses Vorhabens selbst überwachen,heißt es weiter.”

Volvic: Wasser marsch! | ZEIT ONLINE

Assange: How the US and UK try to silence journalism

Julian Assange is not on trial for his personality – but here’s how the US government made you focus on it | The Independent

The prosecution will be all too happy when coverage of Assange’s extradition hearing devolves into irrelevant tangents and smears. It matters little that Assange’s beard was the result of his shaving kit having been confiscated, or that reports of Paul Manafort visiting him in the embassy were proven to be fabricated. By the time these petty claims are refuted, the damage will be done. At best, public debate over the real issues will be derailed; at worst, public opinion will be manipulated in favour of the establishment.


It pushes out how Assange’s 2010 publications exposed 15,000 previously uncounted civilian casualties in Iraq, casualties that the US Army would have buried. It pushes out the fact that the United States is attempting to accomplish what repressive regimes can only dream of: deciding what journalists around the globe can and cannot write. It pushes out the fact that all whistleblowers and journalism itself, not just Assange, is on trial here.