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Severe #Hydrogen impact on #climate.

We learnt this at university in the 90ies, but big money does not listen. Steam from water, vapor, mist are much more greenhouse gas than others. Especially on local levels, like urban micro climate (think of a million cars steaming water in the air) but also on higher layers. Read this. ATM there’s no valid path around public transport and electric vehicles. Good-bye, privately owned combustion engine. That includes fuel cells.

“we have also considered, for the first time, previously ignored changes in stratospheric [that is, in the second-lowest layer of the atmosphere] water vapour and stratospheric ozone in our calculations of hydrogen’s GWP,” “

#Markusisms #Feilnerisms

Aphorismen von Markus, aka #Markusisms #Feilnerisms oder so:

Blameware ist Software, die man kauft, um Schuld outzusourcen (2011?) 
(Update 2018: Consultant = anthropomorphe Personifizierung v. Blameware)
(Update 2021: Sitzredakteur + AndiScheuer == Blameware, 14eme)

Digisov-Erklärung in drei Worten: Exit Strategy First! (2018) 

Zur Datensparsamkeit: Daten sind neues Öl, darum sollten sie in der Erde vergraben bleiben (2019)

Setting up four monitors on a Linux laptop via script

Although KDE discovers the three external monitors and the built-in display perfectly, I need this alias sometimes because the thunderbolt doc gets confused when I change the laptop attached to it: 

#:~> alias monitors
alias monitors=’xrandr –output eDP –output DisplayPort-1 –output DisplayPort-2 –off –output DisplayPort-3 –off –output HDMA-A-0 –off; xrandr –output DisplayPort-3 –mode 1920×1080 –output DisplayPort-1 –primary –mode 1920×1080 –right-of DisplayPort-3 –output HDMI-A-0 –mode 1920×1080 –right-of DisplayPort-1 –output eDP –mode 1920×1080 –below HDMI-A-0′

(Yes, it’s an L-shaped Setup on my desktop)