Hell hath no fury like a teenage girl who is awake and aware…

Reality update: Strong, smart teen girls have had enough. No wonder men like Trump are rattled | Sasha Brown-Worsham | Opinion | The Guardian … :

It’s no wonder men like Donald Trump are shaking in their boots. Because hell hath no fury like a teenage girl who is awake and aware and done with your bullshit. The fears of men like Trump have made mocking teenage girls a favorite American pastime.

What would happen if teenage girls were actually allowed to feel good about themselves? What if we allowed them to have their interests with no shame? They might rise up and change everything. And that scares a certain kind of man.

As the mother of a teenage girl myself, I know how hard they are to manipulate. They are strong and smart and know themselves in ways big and small. They can’t be forced by anyone – not teachers or parents – to say things they don’t mean at a school assembly, let alone on world stage. Thunberg doesn’t need anyone to push her. She pushes herself. She’s well-informed, brilliant, and unafraid to take on all the leaders in the world. Like so many other teenage girls. Like Anne Frank. Like Peltier. Like Joan of Arc.