#OSS rocks. #Linux Rocks. Autorotate PDFs

#Linux has some mighty PDF Toolkits. One of them is pdftk. I am using it so that we don’t have to bother anymore about orientation of Files on the scanner. We just delete the wrong ones. 🙂

ls *pdf -1 > $INFILE
while IFS=”²” read -r line
PDF='basename $line | rev | cut -c 5- | rev
#Links drehen:
pdftk “$line” cat 1-endwest output “$PDF”_left.pdf
#Rechts drehen:
pdftk “$line” cat 1-endeast output “$PDF”_right
#180 degrees:
pdftk “$line” cat 1-endsouth output “$PDF”_upsidedown.pdf
done <$INFILE

(use the right upticks ` in the basename line, wordpress messes them up…)