Free GDPR Templates on Github … get involved!

Reality update: GitHub – good-lly/gdpr-documents: 🇪🇺 Your Right to be Informed and Erased. The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) documents for personal use. … :

After one of the Equifax data breaches & one year after feared GDPR came into force, a team of lawyers decided to explore the state of data protection of European banks & credit scoring entities. At first, we did a research of available GDPR requests but found next to nothing. The vast majority of information is advising companies on how to fend off personal data inquiries. This saddened us, as financial institutions gather massive amounts of detailed information about us. We expected that more people would want to execute their right to know. To shift this imbalance a little, we created our own request templates. Currently is available only “Data Access” request but stay tuned – Erase template is coming soon.