Freiwillige “Selbstverpflichtungen” blockieren die wirklich notwendigen Veränderungen (Nature paper)

Wenn ich das richtig verstehe, ist das was, was man den Scheuerers und Dobrindts und Merkels um die Ohren hauen sollte… aber ich lese noch. 

Nudging out support for a carbon tax | Nature Climate Change … :

Across six experiments, including one conducted with individuals involved in policymaking, we show that introducing a green energy default nudge diminishes support for a carbon tax. We propose that nudges decrease support for substantive policies by providing false hope that problems can be tackled without imposing considerable costs. Consistent with this account, we show that by minimizing the perceived economic cost of the tax and disclosing the small impact of the nudge, eliminates crowding-out without diminishing support for the nudge.