Thoughts on CO2-free Living and More – We Have to Become CO2-Negative

… by all means.

For many years, I have been living in a CO2-free home. It’s a rented apartment, but though. I buy energy, that is electricity and gas for hot water and heating from Greenpeace energy, who create gas from wind energy and are certified to have the best energy mix, all green.

I stopped doing larger trips with “cars” – the older ones will remember, that’s the dinosaurs of the mobile age – engines burning “fuel” aka dead animals and plants to bring animals (sometimes also plants) from A to B. A very stupid concept, but I had to commute to work a lot.

Since about 10 years I have been traveling by train and German railways is almost CO2-neutral on the long distances in its hyperfast ICE trains. At least they promise to. Five years ago I went completely green with the Bahn Card 100 – which costs a lot (4k€/y) but still less than a car and is CO2-neutral, well almost – and it includes virtually all German buses, trams and metros and similar public transports.

The rest of our energy-climate waste in form of CO2 like for the holiday trips by our old Volkswagen Bus (we almost completely stopped flying two years ago) we compensate through companies like Atmosfair.

After all, we are very likely to be CO2-neutral, probably CO2-negative, since I hope we slightly overcompensate. And of course, I would never use Uber or similar if I can avoid it. No way.

CO2-Negative is Possible. Now. 

However, we – you and me, everybody, have to become CO2-negative, because otherwise most of us are going to die. And that’s a simple thing, we used to call them facts before big corp came in and started to question sciences.

Don’t believe anybody who says CO2 negativity is not possible.

If you’re rich, pay for projects like Atmosfair and make people create such projects. Fast. Very Fast.

If you are poor, help with your work and word. Plant stuff, keep an eye for CO2 storing offers. Convince people, make your local community start local projects.

Don’t bother about the fanatics and disbelievers on the other side. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

CO2 Reduction and Neutrality is so Incredibly Cheap

And all of you try to reduce your footprint. There’s so much to look at. But it’s so incredible cheap to get neutral. Yes it is. And it’s simple, no matter what politics and media keep telling. Have a look at Atmosfair and similar websites, it’s easy. And to make that known to more people, I joined Extinction Rebellion recently. Join us, all you hopeless, frustrated people out there, come and feel the hope. We can make a change, but we need new actions. Not politics, not what we tried before – because WE failed. Yes WE did, from Greenpeace to Robin Wood (where I was in the early 90ies). Let’s roll.

I’ll have the Blade Runner Han Solo explain again, because he does it so well:

For all of you still interested in politics, here’s more from the BBC. Well worth a watch:

And here’s more scientific facts for the patient :

(if the video does not play, here’s the URL)