#x2x #demomode #remotecontrol – Send Commands to Multiple Desktops with x2x

SEELAB has a nice description of how a good old Unix Tool can help to control e.g. multiple IoT devices over an encrypted line: 

If you would like to send input to more than one computer at a time, use the ‘-shadow ’ option. This can be used multiple times. Here is an example that routes input to boba142 and all 9 powerwall machines:


 ~/bin/x2x -from $LOCALDISPLAY -to boba142:0 \

 -shadow boba231:0 -shadow boba211:0 -shadow boba121:0 \

 -shadow boba141:0 -shadow boba131:0 -shadow boba111:0 \

 -shadow boba232:0 -shadow boba212:0 -shadow boba122:0 \

 -geometry 400×400


Hint: SEELAB claims “left and right mouseclick to leave” the tiny x2x window – on my machine it’s actually left, right _and_ middle mouse button. But I prefer to use the north/south/east/west options anyhow. 

Question: Why do I have areas on the target system that aren’t accessible? There’s a big rectangular space on the top right of my target screen where the x2x-driven mouse pointer can’t go – whereas the local mouse supports it…?