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On Helloween (!) 2008 (!!), I published a lonesome post on my then wordpress-hosted blog. With that, I created #FLOGW and #FLGW. The world looks different today – or not.

Feilner’s Law of Global Warning states:

“I believe that the climatic change driven by the green house effect will become faster and faster as we watch. Analog to Moore’s Law in processor technology, the measured climatic change will always happen faster than the most skeptical experts of the previous years had suspected. That’s my rule of climatic change, Feilner’s Law of Global Warming (FLGW).”

Here’s my collection.

#Tokyo2020 – remember my T-Shirt?

#toldyouso. Oh my, how bad. 

Reality update: Radiation hotspots ‘found near Fukushima Olympic site’ | World news | The Guardian … :

The government is keen to use the Olympics to showcase Fukushima’s recovery from the 2011 tsunami. It intends to use J-Village, a sports complex located about 12 miles from the nuclear plant that was damaged in the disaster, as the starting point for the Japan leg of the torch relay taking place in March.

#nopardon: Why Trump needs to be impeached, even if he can’t be removed.

… because he can’t be pardoned if he was impeached. Interesting read… 

Reality update: Trump won’t lose his job – but the impeachment inquiry is still essential | Robert Reich | Opinion | The Guardian … :

Assume that Trump is impeached on grounds that include a raft of federal crimes – bribery, treason, obstruction of justice, election fraud, money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the United States, making false statements to the federal government, serving as an agent of a foreign government without registering with the justice department, donating funds from foreign nationals, and so on. Regardless of whether a sitting president can be indicted and convicted on such criminal charges, Trump will become liable to them at some point. But could he be pardoned, as Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon 45 years ago? Article II, section 2 of the constitution gives a president the power to pardon anyone who has been convicted of offenses against the United States, with one exception: “in Cases of Impeachment.”

#Brexit, #Trump and the new success of “old” Europe. A good read about American freedom and oligarcy

Reality update: America is not the land of the free but one of monopolies so predatory they imperil the nation | Will Hutton | Opinion | The Guardian … :

Except the latest research demonstrates the reverse is true. Britain is about to make a vast mistake. In the recently published The Great Reversal, leading economist Thomas Philippon of New York University and member of the advisory panel of the New York Federal Reserve, mounts a devastating attack on the conventional wisdom, so perfectly embodied by the witless Boris Johnson. The news is that over the last 20 years per capita EU incomes have grown by 25% while the US’s have grown 21%, with the US growth rate decelerating while Europe’s has held steady – indeed accelerating in parts of Europe. What is going on?

#ClimateEmergency in the EU

European Parliament has declared Climate Emergency. A strong but symbolic act as long as the Merkels, Trumps and Johnsons don’t act appropriately. More On Twitter: European Parliament declares #ClimateEmergency)

The Guardian:

Make yourself heard, start your own petition:

Local government campaigns – Climate Emergency Declaration

Local governments can play a critical role in achieving a nation-wide climate emergency response. Our ultimate aim is a national declaration of climate emergency with its ability to unlock all the required policy changes and funds for a rapid climate emergency mobilisation, but local councils have started the ball rolling by demonstrating successful climate emergency initiatives at the local level.

Study: Our universe may be part of a giant quantum computer

But, the more Yurov and Yurov explored the “many interacting worlds” (MIW) theory that says all quantum functions manifest physically in alternate realities (the cat is dead on one world, alive on another, and dancing the Cha Cha on another, etc.), the more they realized it not only makes sense, but the math and science seem to work out better if you assume everything, the universe included, has quantum features.

#toldyouso. Coal industry knew about #climatecatastrophy already in the sixties.

The Coal Industry Was Well Aware of Climate Change Predictions Over 50 Years Ago

A rediscovered journal from the 1960s reveals the coal industry has understood the dangers of human-caused climate change for over 50 years, and may constitute the earliest known evidence of such fateful insider knowledge.

#DIEPARTEI – sie ist sehr gut. Und ernsthaft.

Ich finde die Veränderungen bei DERPARTEI sehr gut und hilfreich. Nico ist ja auch eher in die Richtung unterwegs. 

Martin Sonneborn bei phoenix persönlich (22.11.19) – YouTube

Ist Martin Sonneborn ein Aufklärer, ein Kämpfer gegen ein korruptes System? Oder zerstört er die Demokratie, weil er sie lächerlich macht? Seit 5 Jahren sitzt Martin Sonneborn im Europäischen Parlament und treibt manche seiner Kollegen zur Weißglut. In “phoenix persönlich” erklärt Martin Sonneborn, dass er seinen Stil geändert hat: weniger Klamauk, mehr Inhalte und Politik.


The end of the age of reason. #facebook

Reality update: Read Sacha Baron Cohen’s scathing attack on Facebook in full: ‘greatest propaganda machine in history’ | Technology | The Guardian … :

It’s as if the Age of Reason – the era of evidential argument – is ending, and now knowledge is delegitimized and scientific consensus is dismissed. Democracy, which depends on shared truths, is in retreat, and autocracy, which depends on shared lies, is on the march. Hate crimes are surging, as are murderous attacks on religious and ethnic minorities.