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On Helloween (!) 2008 (!!), I published a lonesome post on my then wordpress-hosted blog. With that, I created #FLOGW and #FLGW. The world looks different today – or not.

Feilner’s Law of Global Warning states:

“I believe that the climatic change driven by the green house effect will become faster and faster as we watch. Analog to Moore’s Law in processor technology, the measured climatic change will always happen faster than the most skeptical experts of the previous years had suspected. That’s my rule of climatic change, Feilner’s Law of Global Warming (FLGW).”

Here’s my collection.

McKinsey’s view on the automotive Revolution…

Reality update: The automotive revolution is speeding up | McKinsey … :

For more than two years, the industry has been talking about the four disruptive trends changing the rules in the mobility sector: autonomous driving, shared mobility, connectivity, and electrification. A McKinsey report from January 2016 integrated the impact of these trends into a single picture for the first time. Today, we can offer a perspective on three questions that are a top priority: What is the speed of change? What do the new value pools look like? What is required to succeed in the future? This article addresses the first two questions; the third question will be covered in a forthcoming piece (for more on how we developed our perspective, see sidebar “How we derive insights”).

Considering our base case, by 2030, about 20 percent of value generated from classic vehicle sales might shift toward new technologies, such as xEV powertrains or autonomous-vehicle software and components. But more than 60 percent of revenue from disruptive business models could still be carried by traditional elements, such as the shared vehicle itself or fleet operations

While same-day delivery still seems like a novelty to many, automotive, e-commerce, and logistics players are already working on solutions that use data from fully connected vehicles to have packages delivered to car trunks, regardless of where the driver is.

The increasing momentum of all disruptive trends, the shifts in value pools and corresponding capabilities, and the growing need for more granular perspectives on consumers requires we rethink our view of the automotive industry. The new personal-mobility landscape that is emerging is much broader than the traditional automotive industry; it is extending to include, among many others, tech players and new entrants from other industries such as software and utilities. Whether incumbents or challengers, all players will find themselves part of an increasingly diverse playing field (Exhibit 5).

Den Stillstand überwinden: Was ist eine Bürgerversammlung und warum verlangt XR diese?

Was ist eine Bürger:innenversammlung? | XR de … : (Link zum Leitfaden)

Eine Bürger:innenversammlung bringt Menschen zusammen, um zu lernen, zu beratschlagen und Empfehlungen für ein bestimmtes Problem von öffentlichem Belang zu erarbeiten. Dafür werden die Mitglieder per Losverfahren zufällig aus der Bevölkerung ausgewählt. Ein Quotensystem gewährleistet, dass die Versammlung in ihrer finalen Zusammensetzung die Merkmalsverteilung (z.B. Geschlecht, Alter, Herkunft, Bildungsniveau) der gesamten Gesellschaft in klein abbildet. Die Versammlungsmitglieder werden über Methoden und Herangehensweisen zu kritischem Denken geschult, bevor sie ausgewogene Informationen von Expert:innen, Betroffenen und lösungsrelevanten Akteuren präsentiert bekommen.


Es gibt nationale Bürger:innenversammlungen schon in mehreren Ländern, wie etwa dem Vereinigten Königreich, Irland, Kanada, Australien, Belgien und Polen. Dort haben sie gezeigt, dass die Teilnehmenden komplexe Informationen verstehen, verschiedene Handlungsoptionen reflektieren sowie faire und unvoreingenommene Entscheidungen treffen können. Bürger:innenversammlungen werden oft dann einberufen, wenn eine Problemstellung als zu kontrovers oder festgefahren erachtet wird, als dass es von der Politik konstruktiv gehandhabt werden könnte. In den letzten Jahren hat es die irische Bürger:innenversammlung geschafft, Irland bei zwei umstrittenen Themen aus einer verfahrenen Lage herauszuführen: die Legalisierung der gleichgeschlechtlichen Ehe und die Aufhebung des Abtreibungsverbots.

Thunberg in Denver.

“We will instead tell them, if they won’t do it, we will,” the 16-year-old said to loud cheers on Friday. “The world is waking up and we are the change. The change is coming whether you like it or not.”

Thunberg spoke for several minutes to a crowd of several thousand at Civic Center Park near the state capitol building. The rally highlighted Colorado activists, like Madhvi Chittoor, 8, who has campaigned in the state against plastics.

Thunberg again scolded leaders for not doing enough to fight climate change and for ignoring science. Echoing a line from an angry speech at the United Nations last month that drew global attention, she said several times of leaders, “How dare they,” with some in the crowd repeating the line.

Hell hath no fury like a teenage girl who is awake and aware…

Reality update: Strong, smart teen girls have had enough. No wonder men like Trump are rattled | Sasha Brown-Worsham | Opinion | The Guardian … :

It’s no wonder men like Donald Trump are shaking in their boots. Because hell hath no fury like a teenage girl who is awake and aware and done with your bullshit. The fears of men like Trump have made mocking teenage girls a favorite American pastime.

What would happen if teenage girls were actually allowed to feel good about themselves? What if we allowed them to have their interests with no shame? They might rise up and change everything. And that scares a certain kind of man.

As the mother of a teenage girl myself, I know how hard they are to manipulate. They are strong and smart and know themselves in ways big and small. They can’t be forced by anyone – not teachers or parents – to say things they don’t mean at a school assembly, let alone on world stage. Thunberg doesn’t need anyone to push her. She pushes herself. She’s well-informed, brilliant, and unafraid to take on all the leaders in the world. Like so many other teenage girls. Like Anne Frank. Like Peltier. Like Joan of Arc.

Juliana vs. United States

Reality update: Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born? | Environment | The Guardian … :

While the Pennsylvania lawsuit ultimately failed, a similar case filed in Oregon has been wending its way through the legal system with greater success. In Juliana v United States, 21 plaintiffs take aim at the federal government for violation of the constitutional rights not just of their generation but also of future ones. Now aged 11 to 22, they accuse federal officials and oil industry executives of knowingly creating a national energy system that causes climate change, despite decades of evidence that carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels destabilise the environment. Officials did not merely fail to regulate and restrain bad actors, they argue, but actively facilitated their endeavours, thereby violating citizens’ constitutional rights to life, liberty and property while also jeopardising essential public resources.

Greta, you teach us more about old white men than so many before you.

Reality update: Greta Thunberg’s defiance unsettles the patriarchy – wonderful | Suzanne Moore | Opinion | The Guardian … :

She is a 16-year-old, and these are grown men. And they are terrified. Wonderful. Who knew you could shake the patriarchy simply by refusing to smile for it, dress for it or demur to it? A refusal to acquiesce to the male gaze has these dinosaurs squirming. Greta, you teach us about more than one kind of climate. Thank you.