Icelandic Modern Media Initiative ready to start!

IMMI finally at the cusp of implementation … :

The goal of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative in 2010 was for Iceland to take leadership in adopting the best possible laws, at any time, in order to be ahead of the digital tidal wave of disinformation eroding trust towards democratic institutions and traditional media. To be the first digital safe heaven for all the forbidden facts, to act as an inspiration for others to follow suit.

During the nine years since it’s passing, Iceland has undergone serious political crises with only one government being able to sit full term. Four governments and five Prime Ministers later, we finally have a deadline for IMMI to be fully ratified. In the first months after taking office as Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrin Jakobsdottir, announced she was committed to have all the laws finalized and put forward as governmental bills in Parliament before 2019 ends. The International Modern Media Institute was established in 2011 in order to make sure that the laws based on the IMMI resolution would be finalized no matter what political parties would be in charge. Even if the laws are not all ratified, the IMMI’s unanimous adoption by Parliament put Iceland on the top of the list of Press Freedom by Reporters Without Borders in 2010. Iceland has been sliding down since, but we are hopeful that by greatly improving fundamental laws for press freedom we will move up again. Democracy rests on the foundations of freedom of speech, expression, information and strong independent media.

In 2016, we were happy to meet Birgitta in Person… Awesome vision. Here’s a german article about her and immi: 

Missing Link: Kontrollverlust der liberalen Demokratien – Panik ist angebracht | heise online … : 

“Die Parlamentarier haben am wenigsten Macht”, kritisiert sie. Die Verwaltung, die Ministerialbürokratie seien die Zentren der Macht und trieben die Maschinerie der Gesetzgebung an. Verantwortungsvollen Politikern bliebe regelmäßig zu wenig Zeit, die kurzfristig vorgelegten Entwürfe so zu prüfen, wie sie es ihren Wählerinnen schuldig seien. Das Ergebnis sind nach Ansicht von Jonsdottir nicht nur zu viele, sondern vor allem qualitativ schlechte Gesetze. Jonsdottirs Bilanz ist bitter: Parteien wären Teil einer Religion, die Gesetzgebung sei die neue Bibel. “Das System ist selbsterhaltend”, klagt sie. “Aber es löst nicht die wichtigen Probleme, die wir lösen müssen.”