500 Million passwords leaked

Troy Hunt did it again: After August 2016, where he provided a password checking service testing against list with 320 million passwords (“HIBP” and “Pwned Passwords”) he now launched “Pwned Passwords V2” with more than half a billion passwords. If you dare, and if you trust him, you can enter your favorite password here and with the blink of an eye you will see if it is on Troy’s list. If so, then it has been cracked, used before or similar. The Password “password” e.g. has been seen 3 million times, as the new counter in Troy’s tool shows. Plus, the website holds some healthy information and guidelines from NIST on password reuse.

Hint: I suggest the usage of pwgen or any other decent Password generator. This little Linux command line tool gives you random passwords with a specified length:

 mfeilner@thinktank:~> pwgen 20 

Gied8FaegeRojiebushe thai4phahf0ohZoosei9 gai3Nei6Veivaeghohwu
Ahzoo8chaoYie9hi2cei iQuae6SooP8eiSeevobe oong7boh0hiQuie9eoxu
Tu3ruach9iv1tiehaije johM8ahquaishi5wu6ah vishemooc3chei7ieZup
Baquo4paes6kooh8Ta8z thie5Moophahzeephove Av2zae3beipovai8eire
ed3oTeih6VeeK9aeghah BoLae4uthoo8Tholei7Y aevou5Ot7ahcah3ahqui
tee7izeephoogea6Usoh xohBuehoow1poaWu7Pho ephahleexie5ruu8Que4

And that is what you’ll get with these random passwords: