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Grenzen im Kopf überwinden: Reisen hilft! (German)

Per Anhalter um die Welt: Juan Villarino reist seit 14 Jahren als Tramper – SPIEGEL ONLINE … :

Mit meinen Büchern hingegen möchte ich die Grenzen in unseren Köpfen überwinden. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Haben Sie Beispiele für solche Grenzen? Villarino: In Ungarn warnte mich meine Fahrerin davor, nach Rumänien zu fahren. “Die Zigeuner bringen dich um!”, sagte sie. Kaum war ich dort angekommen, lud eine Familie mich zu einer dreitägigen Hochzeit ein. Die Menschen in Rumänien wiederum warnten mich davor, nach Bulgarien zu fahren. Lässt man sich aber nicht beirren und überquert eine Grenze nach der anderen, spürt man, dass wir alle auf der gleichen Erde leben. Man sieht, wie sich die Landschaft und die Gesichter langsam verändern. Beim Fliegen hingegen habe ich immer das Gefühl, dass wir nicht auf dem gleichen Planeten, sondern in verschiedenen Galaxien leben.

Why does every Kubernetes announcement sound like namedropping?

“Today we’re excited to introduce Gravitational Wormhole, our latest Open Source project. Wormhole is a Kubernetes network plugin that combines the simplicity of flannel with encrypted networking from WireGuard.

We created Wormhole to use with Gravity, our Kubernetes packaging solution, but Wormhole should be compatible with any certified Kubernetes distribution.”

Found here: Gravitational Flannel-similar Wireguard-like Wormhole for Kubernetes .

How to do Website Redesign… NOT: Hertz and Accenture….

 Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for ‘defective’ cyber-revamp • The Register … :

On top of that, despite having specifically requested that the consultants provide a style guide in an interactive and updateable format – rather than a PDF – Accenture kept providing the guide in PDF format only, Hertz complained. When Hertz confronted the consultants about the PDF problem, guess what the response was? Yep, it wanted “hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional fees” to cover the cost.

Futurist, Innovator, Technologist and Humanitarian: The Exponential World will Need Different Leaders.

How the Most Successful Leaders Will Thrive in an Exponential World … :

Our Future Needs Exponential Leaders These roles—futurist, innovator, technologist and humanitarian—are interconnected and enhanced when knowledge and insights flow between them. The four pillars are a holistic system of learning to imagine, create, capture and scale hidden value in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

So sad women still have a hard time traveling alone – but read this great article.

 Why it’s still difficult for women to travel world … :

A recent New York Times story documents a rise in the number of solo women travelers, and chronicles incidents in which these women have been murdered, injured, or sexually assaulted. Such fearmongering is dispiritingly common, in the press as well as colloquially. The woman who went out walking after midnight and ended up in a ditch has become a mythology passed down from mother to daughter. Men, who also fall victim to attack, are assumed to learn courage and street-smarts from these negative experiences, while a woman will be forever damaged or traumatized—or worse.

Another link worth reading, also from the article above: 

Excerpt: How Amelia Earhart navigated the skies and society … : 

The traditional difficult woman is generally outspoken, opinionated, and headstrong. She likes to shoot her mouth off, and has little interest in avoiding conflict; indeed, she finds it stimulating. Apple carts? She lives to upset them. For those of us who wish to be difficult but are introverted and see no reason we shouldn’t keep our opinions to ourselves, Amelia Earhart is our girl. Gracious and somewhat shy on the outside, she was willful and independent on the inside: polite, yet freewheeling, a person who answered to no one. She took the position that adventure is a worthwhile pursuit in and of itself—a radical stance for a woman.