Opinion | Why Is America So Far Behind Europe on Digital Privacy? – The New York Times

Once again Europe just doesn’t realize how far ahead we are in some technical an economic and social things. Wake up, lady!


“G.D.P.R.establishes several privacy rights that do not exist in the United States — including a requirement for companies to inform users about their data practices and receive explicit permission before collecting any personal information. Although Americans cannot legally avail themselves of specific rights under G.D.P.R., the fact that the biggest global tech companies are complying everywhere with the new European rules means that the technocrats in Brussels are doing more for Americans’ digital privacy rights than their own Congress.


Forward-thinking legislation — and the public hearings that would inform its passage — are urgently needed. Americans deserve a robust discussion of what privacy rights they are entitled to and strong privacy laws to protect them.”

Congress should seize the moment and the public momentum to enshrine digital privacy rights into federal law.